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Captain Bumper comes to you for $25.

To obtain a complete version of the game, please carry out the following steps :

Mac Games online store step one
Make sure you have downloaded the full Captain Bumper 1.15 "demo" version
from our "downloads"page, then proceed to step 2.

- Captain Bumper 1.15 "demo" contains the full game ! -

However, it remains locked in "demo" mode and only lets you access the first two levels of the game.
In order to continue the adventures of the intrepid Captain Bumper, you will have to unlock an armor-plated door at the beginning of level 3 via a secret code, this code will be delivered to you after the payment.

Kagi secured online payment
Mac Games online store step two Buy Captain Bumper
Click the button above to carry out a credit card payment with our partner: Kagi

- Kagi is the reference in the "online" software sales for Macintosh since 1994! -

Mac Games online store step tree
After you have paid on Kagi web page, you will be redirected back to our online store, where your name will be requested to generate your personal serial number*.
(*This is the famous secret code, allowing you to unlock Captain Bumper!)
Should you need any information, please feel free to contact us by Email:
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