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Please find bellow some usual questions and answers for our Captain Bumper Game:

Is Captain Bumper 2.0 compatible with game controllers?

Not yet, but very soon in an update.

Will there be a version of Captain Bulmper for iPhone, iPad, ...Windows PC?

Yes, by the end 2023, Captain Bumper 2.0 should be available on iOS for iPhone and iPad.

The Windows PC version may exist one day, but there is no fixed schedule at the moment.

Does the old version of Captain Bumper V1.15 work on recent Macs and latest Mac OS?

No absolutly not, the old version of Captain Bumper 1.15 WILL NOT RUN on macs introduced after 2010.
Currently, only the old PowerPC Macs (from 1994 until 2006) or old Intel Macs with MacOS up-to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard are able to run the old version of the game.

But of course, the new Captain Bumper 2.0 works on all new Macs with MacOS 10.9 or higher!